Crowdsourcing Your Library Challenges: Internet@Schools West and Internet Librarian 2010!

If you are attending Internet Librarian or Internet@Schools West this month, save the time and date for our interactive and participatory “Crowdsourcing Your Library Challenges” session!  If you are not attending in person, we invite you to join us virtually—we will be posting our virtual channels for participation for those of you attending from afar to our wiki very soon!  Whether you work in a school (independent or public) library, academic library, or public library, this session is for you.

Internet @ Schools West 2010, Session S-203
Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 1:30–2:30PM
Presented by Elisabeth Abarbanel, Michelle Fromme, Andrew Shuping, and Buffy Hamilton

About Our Session:

In this session, a panel of librarian leaders from public school and independent school libraries, academic libraries, and public libraries will model and engage in collaborative problem-solving and participatory librarianship by hosting a panel discussion in which participants will be invited to share challenges they are facing in their library settings. They will create conversations around these challenges and use the “wisdom of the crowd”—that’s YOU—to help explore creative solutions to challenges. Not only will they tap into the energies of participants who are physically present, but they’ll also invite virtual participation from the library community at large who may not be in physical attendance to help contribute to these conversations. They will utilize face to face dialogue as well as virtual means including Poll Everywhere, Skype, Twitter, and other cloud computing applications to expand the “room” and the wisdom that can be gained through personal learning networks.

In the meantime, we invite you to submit a challenge you need help solving via:

You can also Tweet at any one of us or use our session hashtag, #crowd10

Teacher Librarian Virtual Cafe Crisis Webinar Archive

If you missed the Teacher Librarian Cafe Crisis Webinar that was attended by 130+ this past Monday(April 19) night, you can catch the full archive at  I was honored to co-present with Chris Harris, one of the sharpest minds in our profession; many sincere and heartfelt thanks to Joyce Valenza, Gwyneth Jones, and Carolyn Foote for their tremendous help in organizing this event as well as all the attendees.

Save the date for the next FREE webinar with the incredible Ernie Cox and Brenda Anderson on the Common Core Standards!


Coming Out Party: The Debut of the Libraries and Transliteracy Blog

It is with tremendous excitement I share the debut of a brand new blog today:  The Libraries and Transliteracy Blog. Through this group blog, Bobbi Newman, Tom Ipri, and I will be working hard to  share information about the new literacies, digital literacy, media literacy, 21st century literacies and transliteracies with a special focus on libraries.  We will be providing you an organic “reading list” of resources related to transliteracy;  our blog also features a Twitter stream of the latest Tweets related to transliteracy.  You may subscribe to the RSS feed for our blog through your favorite feed aggregator or information portal; we also offer the option of  email updates.

Please help us celebrate and spread the word of this new resource with your colleagues!


June 18 Panel Discussion: “Is There a Place for Media Specialists Who Don’t Know Social Media?”

Panel Discussion: “Is There a Place for Media Specialists Who Don’t Know Social Media?” – The Future of Education via kwout

“The Future of Education” will be hosting another thought provoking and FREE web event this Thursday, June 18 at 8PM EST. :  “”Is There a Place for Media Specialists Who Don’t Know Social Media?” This session will be held via Elluminate for free;  you will want to log in about 20-30 minutes ahead of time to load the Elluminate platform (at no charge) and to test your audio settings.  If you cannot attend, the session will be recorded and archived; you can access the session archives at the link above.

In this session,  Joyce Valenza leads a discussion on the future of librarians and their role in education with Buffy Hamilton, Cathy Nelson, and Carolyn Foote.

Participants will also want to visit the wiki Joyce Valenza has set up to supplement and facilitate the conversation on Thursday evening; you can access the webinar wiki by clicking right here.

I am very excited to be part of this event with my colleagues and friends who are such an invaluable part of my personal learning network!