December 7: Webinar on Ebook File Formats and How They Affect You

via email from the Kindle, Nook (and more!) Educators Group

Hi everybody,

Our next webinar will be held next Tuesday, Dec. 7, and we are trying it a little bit earlier, at 7:00 pm EST. You can register (as usual) righthere.

The topic this time will be Ebook File Formats and How They Affect You. Surprisingly, the choice of an ereader for your school may have more to do with the file formats that the device supports than about other bells and whistles the device offers. In addition, the underlying software that runs your ereader determines functionality in many cases as well.

We will cover all the major file formats and the devices that support them, looking at their limitations and advantages. We will link the format discussion to ereader software and to the devices themselves. Consider it a primer on the “software” side of the ereading experience.

I will try to keep it as un-geeky as possible…;-) The presentation will run for about 20 minutes and I will answer questions for 15 minutes or so. Maximum time commitment: 45 minutes.

There will be a drawing for door prizes for anyone in attendance from the Ning. The only stipulation is that you must have uploaded a profile photo at the Ning and be present at the webinar in order to win!

Hope to see you at the webinar next Tuesday, December 7 at 7:00 pm EST!


Free Webinar Tonight: “Starting an eReader Program for Your School”

Kathy Parker will be sharing her experience and insights for starting an eReader program in your school–whether you are a school librarian or a classroom teacher interested in implementing eReaders into your program, this webinar will provide you strategic and specific information for getting started.  Tonight’s webinar is free and begins at 8PM–go here to sign up!

New Media Literacies Webinar on Multitasking Tonight

Come join us for a free webinar tonight on the new media literacy of multitasking hosted by the amazing people at the New Media Literacies Project.    Project NML defines the literacy of multitasking as:

the ability to scan one’s environment and shift focus as needed to salient details. Being a good multitasker is required in our new media landscape – and that includes learning when it isn’t good to multitask.

Here is a description of tonight’s webinar from Vanessa Vartabedian, New Media Literacies Community Manager:

Please join us this Thursday, September 23rd from 7-8:30 PM EST for this month’s webinar on the new media literacy multitasking. This session is centered around the debate of multitasking as a skill vs. distraction in relation to learning. It will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss the differences between multitasking, continuous partial attention, task-switching and the various other definitions that have come about to describe the ways in which we switch our attention from one thing to another faster and more frequently than ever. Whether you believe this can be a valuable skill in learning environments, or consider it a deterrent, one thing we know for sure is it’s not going away. Come contribute your experience, reflections and tips about this controversial skill in our 21st century classrooms, and explore how we might move beyond the debate and into useful practices.

This is the last in our series of webinars centered on specific NML skills. Next month on October 14th from 7-8:30 PM EST we will see each of the new media literacies in action as our Early Adopter Working Group of educators from the state of New Hampshire wrap-up a year-long professional development and share their reflections and expertise.  See the full schedule here.

Meet us in Elluminate:

Follow-up chat – Tuesday, Sept. 28th from 4-5 PM EST, also in Elluminate.

Learn more about new media literacies and why they are important in this terrific video overview: