Invest in Imagination, Vision, and Participation: “The Librarian Militant, The Librarian Triumphant” by Dr. R. David Lankes

If you know me or read my work, you know that the work of Dr. David Lankes transformed my philosophy of librarianship two years ago, and consequently, my practice.  The principles he outlines in this exceptional talk parallel my thinking and provide all librarians sound principles that go beyond trends, fads, or “the shiny”.  Take some time out of your day to see this informative and inspiring screencast.

Screencast/talk abstract:

What will kill this profession is not ebooks, amazon, or Google. It will be a lack of imagination. An inability to see not what is, but what could be. To see only how we are viewed now, but not how that is only a platform for greatness. Librarianship is not a building, or a collection. It is a conversation you are having. A conversation that has lasted over nearly three millennia. A conversation handed down from generation to generation, culture to culture, great society to great society, epoch to epoch. Librarianship only ends if we stop this conversation – set in stone, transfer practice to golden idols. It only survives if we, librarians and the communities we serve, take it up, renew, refresh it, and constantly engage in what is next. It is in that conversation that we find what a triumphant librarian is. Someone who wakes to see a better day for their community, and works to make the next even better, and the next day after that.

Listen, learn, and reflect, my friends.

Searching for the “So What?”

One of the things I love about social media and my transactions with my personal learning network is the wealth of ideas I glean from these learning spaces.   What I relish even more, though, are those who actually write about how they are putting those ideas into practice and reflections on those experiences.    In the last year, I have focused on trying to include more posts that explicitly share how my original ideas or those I am borrowing from others play out in my practice as a school librarian; sharing more evidence based practice is one of my writing goals for 2010-11.

I’d like to challenge all of us (public, school, academic librarians, and this includes me as well!) not only to talk about ideas we are discovering in our diverse learning spaces, but to also do more sharing of how those ideas are translating into actual practice in our daily work.  It’s one thing to talk about ideas, but to me, the real power comes from discussing how we are putting those ideas into actual action and exploring the ways people are breathing life into the ideas in their library spaces.  I hope you’ll join me in this challenge during the next twelve months so that we can tap into the power of the collective wisdom from our practice.


A Prescription for Healthier School Librarianship: Transforming Our Practice for the 21st Century

A sincere thank you to the Hall County Media Specialists’ Association in north Georgia for inviting me to be a guest speaker at their luncheon this past Monday!  I enjoyed seeing several of my dear friends from the University of Georgia days as well as new colleagues.   Here is the slidedeck that facilitate the talk I gave: