Elementary Library 2.0 Inspiration

If you think you can’t use Web 2.0 to create an elementary library social media presence, think again!  My friends Christina Bentheim and Andy Plemmons have been on fire this summer adding multiple social media tools to help communicate with their faculty, students, and parents.

Andy’s Facebook Fan Page for the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center:


David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center | Facebook via kwout

Be sure to check out Andy’s exceptional blog for his elementary media center as well as his library delicious account!

Christina is excited to be starting her library career as school library media specialist at Dickens Elementary in North Las Vegas, NV.  Check out her new Netvibes page for her library!


She also has a Facebook fan page for her elementary media center:

She also has created:

I hope these examples will provide some inspiration and ideas for my elementary library friends!  Don’t forget to check out the resource page I created for GLMA this summer on ways libraries of all grade levels are using Web 2.0 as part of their library programs.

Netvibes Recognizes Its Use As a Virtual Library/Research Pathfinder!

We already knew this, but I loved seeing this on the Netvibes blog today!


Using public pages as virtual libraries! – Netvibes.com Blog via kwout

Don’t forget to check out The Unquiet Library on Netvibes; I have also updated my first pathfinder, Iran Election 2009, to include some additional Twitter feeds, new videos, blog entries, Citizentube, and a Yahoo Pipes mashup.

Another Tool in Your Personal Learning Network: Shared Items via Google Reader


We all know that we can use Google Reader to keep up with our favorite blogs and RSS feeds from various sources, but did you know that you can share items with others via Google Reader?  Not only can you create a public page for sharing your favorite items that come your way in your Google Reader account, but friends and followers can also subscribe to the  RSS feed for your “Shared Items” page to keep up with articles or items you mark as shared in Google Reader!  As you browse and read items in Google Reader, you will discover a “share” icon at the end of each post/item–simply click on “share” to add those items to your “shared” public page for others to enjoy.  I discovered this wonderful personal learning network tool via Kim Cofino, a 21st century learning specialist who is an invaluable part of my PLN.  For more details on how to create your public page and on how to share items, check out this help page from Google Reader Labs.

Feel free to follow and grab the RSS feed for my shared items page!