SlideShare Meets YouTube

Did you know you can now embed YouTube videos into your SlideShare presentations?  After you add your presentation, just “edit” your show, and you will see a tab that allows you to select the spot to insert your YouTube video.  It is super easy!  Here is an example of how I used this feature for a presentation I did last Friday:

For more info, visit this page or take a peek blow:


[mixwit_mixtape wid=”3b319c094d01e4771384463dd98a0ae2″ pid=”b014ef80044f43b0bb5872e8231f8730″ un=”K_Glogowski” width=”426″ height=”327″ center=”true”]

Calling all Grizzly patrons!  Are you looking for a cool multimedia tool to show your teachers what you have learned this fall?  Check out Mixwit, a fun “media playground” that allows you to artwork, photos, and music in a format that can be easily shared!  Read about how this teacher, Konrad Glogowski , used this tool as part of a novel study (hit the play button above to play his mix); you can also visit and see student examples by going to the link beneath this screenshot.

blog of proximal development

You can register your own account for free!  Click on the link below to visit Mixwit and start mixing up your own creative projects today!

Mixwit – Create and Share Digital Mixtapes


I stumbled across another fun Twitter tool this evening called PowerTwitter.  If you are using Twitter in Firefox, this add-on allows you and others to see your Flickr photo stream embedded in your profile and a link to your 30 Boxes account.    You will need to set up an account with 30 Boxes for PowerTwitter to work.

Here are the basic steps to install this fun tool:

1.  Go to
2.  Right click on the link for the add-on and save it to your desktop.
3.  Literally drag the installation icon you have downloaded into the middle of your Firefox browser.  Firefox will automatically install it for you.
4.  Restart your Firefox browser.
5.  Once you go to your Twitter account, click on your profile, and your Flickr photostream will pop up!