Storytelling and Sharing via Twitter (and SlideShare, too)

Patricia F. Anderson, Emerging Technologies Librarian for the University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries, has composed a most thoughtful and insightful on how people used Twitter yesterday to share stories about 9-11.   Not only does Anderson share her insights about the power of social media for sharing stories, but she also has created a wonderful slideshow that features poignant Tweets about 9/11.   It occurs to me that we could use SlideShare for putting together our favorite Tweets about an event, but it could also be informative and helpful to create slideshows featuring favorite Tweets with the hashtags of a favorite conference or other favorite learning event.

Take a few minutes to read Anderson’s blog post, “9-11 & Twitter:  The Stories Around Us” and  her SlideShare slideshow, “September 11 Remembered by Twitter.

Sharing Documents via Slideshare

I am about nine months late in trying this feature, but I am excited to finally test the waters with document uploads in SlideShare.  Here is my first effort!

I will be introducing Slideshare this fall to the two classes who are part of my Media 21 Capstone project; I also hope to encourage other teachers to use this resource as part of our efforts to be more green, to conserve paper and ink in budget challenged times, and to create more of a spirit of sharing with Web 2.0 tools such as these for our students.

If you are interested in how this feature stacks up against other Web 2.0 services for hosting/sharing documents, check out this helpful blog post.

Poetry Reading 2.0: Poetry Slidecast, Mrs. Nayman’s 1st period!

On Wednesday, April 29, Mrs. Nayman’s 1st period 11th American Literature/Composition students shared poems inspired by personal photographs @ The Unquiet Library!  You can enjoy the slidecast below to see their photos and hear each student read his/her poem.  Simply click the green button, and the slides will automatically play and advance themselves.

It took me awhile to get the hang of syncing the mp3 audio to each slide, but after some trial and error, I think I have it.  I hope to improve my syncing skills as I work on the next two poetry podcasts/slidecasts for 2nd and 7th periods.

I am also making class books of each set of poems for the poetry reading—one set for the library, and one set for Mrs. Nayman’s classroom; many thanks to Mrs. Joy Mabry of the Cherokee County School District Teacher Center for her help with this endeavor!    The photos from the day are also housed at .  We also have the student poems hanging from our poetry clothesline.

For help on creating the Slidecasts, try these resources: