Social Scholarship in Action: Social Media as Authority

Two terrific resources that support my belief that we must tap into emerging sources of scholarly and/or credible information have come across my Google Reader in the last 24 hours.  As a high school librarian, I am very interested in the concepts of authority and emerging forms of social scholarship, but I am also intrigued by these ideas because they will tie into my first unit of study in August for my Media 21 Capstone project.

Here are two must read/see/watch resources:

Thanks to the “Free Technology for Teachers” blog, I was alerted to this powerful video by Clay Shirky on TED Talks called, “How  Cellphones,  Twitter,  and Facebook Can Make History”—while his video is not about the current events in Iran, the very principles he discusses apply.  I will be showing this video to mine and Susan Lester’s students come August!

This Is How We Do It: The Model for My Media 21 Project

Dr. Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Digital Ethnography, is one of my teaching and information literacy heroes.   As most of you know, his model of seamlessly  integrating social scholarship into his classroom is what I hope to emulate in my Media 21 Capstone Project during 2009-10.

There is a new post on his blog which beautifully outlines his class structure and teaching paradigm. This approach to teaching, learning, and research will be my compass as I collaborate with Susan Lester, 10th English, and now Mary Panik, Geology and Environmental Science, during the 2009-10 school year.   I can’t tell you how excited I am about working with these teachers and having the opportunity to really embed the library and information literacy as essential elements of the high school learning experience!

Of course, I will be blogging the whole process, so please stay tuned in the upcoming months!  We will be doing intense planning and implementation of the course infrastructures during the summer, so blog posts will be coming regularly.  Stay tuned!

The AASL Blog: An Essential Part of Your Personal Learning Network!

I am proud and humbled to have been appointed to the AASL Blog Committee; it is an honor to be part of the talented group who writes blog entries for the official AASL Blog! If you aren’t following the AASL Blog, please consider adding it to your favorite RSS aggregator and/or following via Twitter!  You will find a treasure trove of AASL happenings and interesting dialogue about school librarianship here.

My first post is about the theme of social scholarship that is featured in the new issue of Knowledge Quest.  If you are interested, you can read my first blog entry here: