Web 2.0

Pivot Points for Change: Libraries and Librarians Using Web 2.0 to Connect, Create, and Collaborate

On Tuesday, September 15, I will be the guest speaker for the Georgia Public Library Service All-Staff meeting.  I am honored to have the opportunity to be part of the group and create some conversations about ways we can cherish the traditional elements of librarianship that work while looking to new and innovative ways we can reach our patrons and continue our professional growth.   Here are my resources for the talk:

and the accompanying resource page:

Elementary Library 2.0 Inspiration

If you think you can’t use Web 2.0 to create an elementary library social media presence, think again!  My friends Christina Bentheim and Andy Plemmons have been on fire this summer adding multiple social media tools to help communicate with their faculty, students, and parents.

Andy’s Facebook Fan Page for the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center:


David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center | Facebook via kwout

Be sure to check out Andy’s exceptional blog for his elementary media center as well as his library delicious account!

Christina is excited to be starting her library career as school library media specialist at Dickens Elementary in North Las Vegas, NV.  Check out her new Netvibes page for her library!


She also has a Facebook fan page for her elementary media center:

She also has created:

I hope these examples will provide some inspiration and ideas for my elementary library friends!  Don’t forget to check out the resource page I created for GLMA this summer on ways libraries of all grade levels are using Web 2.0 as part of their library programs.

Library of Congress Now on iTunes!


Now you can access podcasts and resources from the Library of Congress at iTunes!  Here is what Matt Raymond of the Library of Congress blog has to say about this exciting new Web 2.0 addition for LOC:

Blog. Twitter. YouTube.  iTunes.  Yeah, we speak Web 2.0.

You nation’s Library has millions of stories to tell, so we’re trying to tell them as many places and to as many people as possible–whether on our own website or elsewhere.  And now you can add another biggie to the list: iTunes U.

For those who don’t know, iTunes U is an area of the iTunes Store offering free education audio and video content from many of the world’s top universities and other institutions. (The iTunes application is needed to access iTunes U, and is a free download from www.apple.com/itunes.)

The Library’s iTunes U page launched today with a great deal of content, with much more to come.  (Link here, opens in iTunes.)  A nice bonus, for those in the know, is that the content is downloadable and even includes materials such as PDFs.

As always, it’s also available in the Library’s own corner of the web.

So as long as people keep finding new ways to get information, we’re going to keep finding ways to get it to you!

Sharing Documents via Slideshare

I am about nine months late in trying this feature, but I am excited to finally test the waters with document uploads in SlideShare.  Here is my first effort!

I will be introducing Slideshare this fall to the two classes who are part of my Media 21 Capstone project; I also hope to encourage other teachers to use this resource as part of our efforts to be more green, to conserve paper and ink in budget challenged times, and to create more of a spirit of sharing with Web 2.0 tools such as these for our students.

If you are interested in how this feature stacks up against other Web 2.0 services for hosting/sharing documents, check out this helpful blog post.