Web 2.0

New Library 2.0 Toy: FriendFeed

Inspired by this post from the Circulation blog, I have created a Friend Feed account for my library.

View my FriendFeed

Keep up with our web presence by following the Unquiet Library via Friend Feed!

More Library of Congress 2.0: YouTube and iTunes!

I was thrilled to read this news today:  fueled by the success of the Flickr project, Library of Congress is adding content to iTunes and YouTube!  Read more about these exciting developments at Network World!

Social Networks for Readers Who Love Books

Are you someone who loves reading?  Do you love keeping lists of books you enjoy and seeing lists from other like minded bibliophiles?  Do you enjoy networking with other book lovers?

iLibrarian Ellyssa Kroski has identified ten of the coolest and hippest websites for  book lovers! As the new sponsor of our school book club for 2009-10, I hope to use the Book Sprouts site with our book club next year.

Peanut Butter Salmonella Outbreak and Recall Pageflakes Information Portal


Check out my latest Pageflakes Pagecast on the peanut butter salmonella outbreak and recall! My portal includes:

  • The official CDC/FDA Peanut Butter recalled products widget
  • Latest news feeds from Google News
  • The latest blog entries from the official CDC/FDA blog on the peanut butter salmonella outbreak
  • Videos on the outbreak from the FDA YouTube Channel
  • Podcasts from the CDC on the outbreak
  • One of the official badges with information for citizens to call for more info on the peanut butter products recall
  • The RSS feed for the FDA Recall Twitter Twitterstream
  • My favorite bookmarks via del.icio.us
  • Widgets to two of my GALE databases for students to search

SlideShare Meets YouTube

Did you know you can now embed YouTube videos into your SlideShare presentations?  After you add your presentation, just “edit” your show, and you will see a tab that allows you to select the spot to insert your YouTube video.  It is super easy!  Here is an example of how I used this feature for a presentation I did last Friday:

For more info, visit this page or take a peek blow: