If you don’t follow the insightful blog of Meredith Farkas (you should!), then surf over and read her latest post in which she discusses the need for librarians to have better preparation and training in sales and marketing.  While she is speaking to academic librarianship, I believe this idea definitely applies to school librarians, too.

How many times do we lament that our patrons and teachers don’t really comprehend the wealth of resources and services we have to offer in spite of our best efforts to promote them?  Most school librarians I know would also say collaboration is the number one challenge they face—perhaps if we had some kind of training in marketing and sales techniques, we might feel and/or be more successful in those efforts?

What do you think?  Should school librarians receive some kind of required training Meredith discusses in her blog post?  Do you feel you might be a more effective librarian if you could receive some training in sales and marketing?