Opening the first of many boxes of materials, July 2006

Nearly seven years ago to this date, I began the story of The Unquiet Library when I was hired in late December 2006 as the school librarian for the soon to be Creekview High School.   Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how the library program would grow or how I would evolve and learn as a librarian as well as an individual.  I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had during this time, both near and far, and for the teachers, students (especially my students), and people in my personal learning network  who have profoundly shaped my thinking and understanding about the profession of librarianship, public education, and alternative sites of learning.  The narrative of The Unquiet Library has been one of innovation, collaboration, passion, questioning, and insight in both good times and during challenging circumstances, and it’s a story that has always come back to the central themes of learning and creating library experiences that have hopefully been transformative in some way for students and teachers.

My New Professional Nest

Now, nearly seven years to the date I began The Unquiet Library, I’ll be starting an exciting new chapter of my professional career and personal life as I move to Ohio in early January to begin a new job as the Learning Strategist in the Knowledge Office of the Cleveland Public Library, a progressive urban library whose strategic plan reflects an organic vision of libraries that values communities of learning and frames the library as a catalyst for participatory practices of play and learning to empower the people we serve.  Here is an overview of my new role from yesterday’s official press release:

She will serve as an internal consultant to management and staff on matters related to CPL’s mission as the “People’s University”, the center of learning for a diverse and inclusive community. Ms. Hamilton will champion the formation of innovative, sustainable, library-supported communities of participatory learning throughout the city with special attention and focus on those that address specific deficits affecting our community. She will also work to coordinate and design a learning and teaching agenda based on the 2012-2014 strategic plan, and work with the new Literacy & Education Coordinator to build an array of effective learning programs at each of CPL’s onsite Learning Centers. As CPL’s liaison to the school systems, she will develop strategies to support curricula through library resources and services.

I’m delighted to be joining such an innovative organization where I can contribute to the library’s mission, serve the community, and have the time, space, and resources to dwell in deep thinking and learning experiences.  The prospect of learning from my colleagues and the Cleveland community is one that warms both my heart and mind, and I have no doubt my immersion in this position will challenge my creative energies and spirit.  I am truly humbled to have been chosen to take on this role and so proud to be joining the Cleveland Public Library.

As I have in the past, this blog will be my “think aloud and wonder” space, and I plan to continue to share my insights, projects, reflections, questions, and ideas that are rooted in my day-to-day work and use that as a lens to look at issues in our profession and issues relevant to our society at large.   I look forward to continuing the conversations about libraries and learning as I begin this fantastic new journey with the Cleveland Public Library.  What stories and narratives of the library experience will we construct together as a community?  I can’t wait to find out!

115 thoughts on “One Chapter Ends, A New One Begins!

  1. Wow, Buffy! I am both sad for school libraries everywhere yet also excited about this wonderful new opportunity for you! I have been a big fan for years. I’ve learned so much through Slideshare, YouTube, this blog,
    Amazon, Flickr and the like. You have been everywhere – I do expect that you continue to share what you learn with your fans!

    I am presenting on video use for libraries for the California School Library Association on Friday – I intend to show clips of your vids to show all that can be demonstrated and learned through the efficient use of video/screen casting. Thanks and all the best!!!

    1. Hi Marie! You are such a cherished colleague—I am very humbled by your kind words and grateful that I’ve been a positive point of light and learning. I will definitely continue to share here on the blog! Congratulations on your upcoming presentation at CSLA this Friday—and honored to be included as part of your presentation! Proud to be your friend and fellow teacher-librarian! Very best, Buffy

  2. Welcome to Ohio! I am several hours South (Cincinnati area). I’ve been following you since I saw you a few years ago at the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia. What a move for you! Hope you have some snow gear because you’ll need it in Cleveland! Looking forward to potentially seeing you in Ohio and I’ll continue to follow your adventures! Lots of luck!

    1. Hi Angie! Thank you so much for the wonderfully warm welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed my talk at ISTE! I’m stocking up on good snow gear for life in Cleveland–as you can imagine, we Atlantans aren’t well versed in this area, but I’m learning fast! I hope our paths will cross in person in Ohio, and I’m glad you are on this journey with me–thank you for reading the blog! Best, Buffy

    1. Dear Doug—You have been such an inspiration and mentor to me. Please don’t be sad–I might be leaving the school library for now, but I promise you I am not leaving the field. Don’t think of it as moving on but just moving to a different area where I can gain new skills, insights, and perspectives to help grow many areas of librarianship and think about learning in a different context. 🙂

      One of my major four roles will be serving as a a liaison to school systems and other stakeholders in education—there are lots of exciting possibilities in these partnerships we hope to cultivate that I think could be transformative in many ways. I’m still in the field–it’s just that I’ve shifted positions for now, and I think this work at CPL is going to give me a new lens to look at our practices and to push my thinking about the challenges that both school and public libraries face. I hope you know I will always be shoulder to shoulder in the trenches with you. Very best, Buff

  3. Congrats, Buffy! I know you will transform your new space into the most amazing place Cleveland has ever seen, as well as make it a model for public libraries everywhere. Looking forward to “reading” this chapter of your life!

    1. Jim—Hello my dear friend! You know I will do my very best and more to honor that incredible faith you have in me. Your confidence in me means more than you will ever know. So glad to be your friend and colleague! Very best, Buffy

  4. Congratulations Buffy! You are truly an inspiration and I’m really excited for you. Your new job sounds like it is filled with possibilities and opportunities. Best of luck!

  5. Congratulations Buffy! Your job sounds like it is filled with opportunies and possibilities. I look forward to reading about this transition from school library to large, urban public library. All the best.

  6. Wow, Buffy. It’s definitely the school library world’s loss. Cleveland doesn’t know yet how lucky they are! thanks for so generously sharing your ideas with us, and enjoy your new adventure.

    1. Hi Mary! I really appreciate your awesome words of support and confidence! I think the best ideas are yet to come, and I’m looking forward to processing them here with all of you. While I won’t be in a school library, a big part of my job is serving a liaison to school systems and other stakeholders in education—it’s exciting to think how we can build those partnerships in ways that can have real impact for young people. Stay tuned on that front! 🙂 Very best, Buffy

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to being the new learning curve–I have a feeling I’ll have many ideas to reflect and contemplate on the blog with everyone! Thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement, and I’m glad you’re along for the ride with me! Very best, Buffy

  7. Congratulations, Buffy! They are lucky to have you. Excited to keep following all the wonderful things you do. But I pity the librarian who takes your place at Creekview 🙂

  8. Welcome to the Cleveland area. Northeast Ohio is a dynamic library community. Checkout OPLIN, INFOhio and OhioLINK.
    CPL has long been a national leader in the field of library services.

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ll know I’ll be learning much more about OPLIN and INFOhio, and I’m delighted to have already connected with the great people at OhioLINK. Thank you for reaching out, and I hope I’ll have the chance to meet you in person when I get to Cleveland! Best, Buffy

  9. That sounds like an incredible opportunity, perfect for your incredible skill set! Thanks so much for sharing your school-based work, I know we will continue to learn from your terrific practice.

    1. Wendy, I’m sad to leave my students but so very excited about this wonderful new learning opportunity and chance to contribute in a new learning space. I’m proud to be your friend and colleague and know we’ll have much to share and discuss! Best, Buffy

  10. Congratulations. You are perfect for the job and I wish you the greatest possible success – for thousands will benefit from YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS.

    Well done. I so love your thoughtful posts…and hope you will continue to keep us all informed as you grow into your new job.

    Love Daniel Reynolds Palm Springs CA Retired but in love with librarians with real class!!!!!!!!

    On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 12:53 PM, The Unquiet Librarian wrote:

    > ** > The Unquiet Librarian posted: ” Opening the first of many boxes of > materials, July 2006 Nearly seven years ago to this date, I began > the story of The Unquiet Library when I was hired in late December 2006 as > the s”

  11. What an exciting opportunity for you and a very lucky turn for the folks in Cleveland! Congratulations….and know that we’re still looking to you to inspire, encourage, and innovate no matter where you are. Look forward to exchanging thoughts about building a bigger better bridge between school library and public library worlds.

    1. Kelly, thank you SO much–and you have articulated exactly what I hope to do—building that bigger and better bridge to help us find that common shared space and to pool our talents and resources in ways that will create awesome learning experiences! I so appreciate your support and encouragement and look forward to continued involvement with you in our library communities! Best, Buffy

      1. Buffy, I transferred to the State Library of NC in March so I’m very serious about that bridge building. Hope we can share strategies and, (with luck and hard work), some successes!

  12. Buffy, I write with certainty that you will blaze a trail where ever you wander. I look forward to following your future endeavors and hope that our paths will cross once again. Peace and best of luck to you! Hugs! 🙂

    1. Hello my lovely friend! Your faith in me is humbling, and know I will always do my very best to honor it and more. I know we will see each other again, and I hope we will continue to inspire and encourage each other—you have made my day more times than you know! Hugs, Buffy 🙂

  13. congrats! i’ve just begun the journey as a MLS student at Emporia State U in Kansas. I have delighted in your work and articles and blog and have found them very useful and helpful this first semester – hope you will keep sharing! Good luck with the move and the new position!

    1. Hello! Congratulations on the first legs of your MLS, and I am so glad you have enjoyed reading my work. I will definitely keep sharing–in some ways, I think my best work and thinking just might be yet to come. 🙂 Thank you for being on the journey with me and for the good wishes! Best, Buffy

  14. Buffy, I so enjoyed your speech at NCLMA and have followed you for years and have been inspired by your ideas and energy. I feel we are losing such a great source of inspiration and ideas at the school library level, I know you will work to advance our role in the community as you serve in the public library area. What an exciting opportunity for you!

    1. Hi Mary! First, I am thrilled you enjoyed my speech at NLCMA—I was just so overwhelmed by everyone’s warm reception to the talk and hospitality in general! Please know I will continue to strive to do work that will provide inspiration to librarians everywhere and to build connections as we work together for a shared mission of supporting learning. I think the next 24 months are going to be fascinating and that I am going to have a major growth spurt! 🙂 Thank you again for your sweet note and words of support! Best, Buffy

  15. I’m so happy that there’s another ‘school librarian’ in the public library world! The job sounds like it was written for you! As you know, I’ve followed you for years, and even visited you. I hope to visit you in Ohio as well! Put Ann Arbor Art Fair (in Michigan) 3rd weekend in July on your calendar! I look forward to your new adventures as you guide all of us into the unknown. ***When you posted that something in your life was going to change, I thought it would be a new position in California. Ohio has swarms of star libraries as noted by Library Journal. Congratulations!

    1. Hi Julie! You have always been such a wonderful source of great support and cheer—I so appreciate it! I hope we will see each other soon! I am delighted to be joining the tradition of awesome libraries in Ohio, and I so appreciate your lovely wishes and kind words my friend! Thank you! Best, Buffy

  16. Buffy,

    I am so happy for you in your new move, and I am glad you will be working in the public library world to connect school libraries and public libraries. Selfishly, I am brokenhearted. Since 2009, when I started my MSLS at UNC Chapel Hill, I have followed your blog. It has been an inspiration (often seemingly unattainable) for what I can someday become. In my last two years as a school librarian, I have asked myself nearly everyday: “What would Buffy do?” From participatory cultures to uses of eBooks to structuring student research, everything I do as a school librarian today has a shade of the Unquiet Library in it.

    I will continue to follow your great work as you move on in the world of libraries. Thank you so much for everything you have given the profession of school libraries.

    Good Luck,

    1. Hi Katy! I seriously had a little crying jag reading your sweet post earlier today—-I think that might be the nicest tribute anyone could ever receive. And my heart feels so happy to know that I’ve had some role in supporting your growth as a librarian as well as your library—what better honor could there be than to know your library has been a light to others?

      Please know that even though I won’t be in school libraries, it will always be one of my passions, and I will still be reading, writing, thinking, and “doing” work in this area as well as the larger profession to think about how keep moving forward and evolving. I so appreciate your reading my blog, and I hope I will always be someone who gives back generously to our profession and our mission. Thank you so much for the beautiful thoughts—they are so appreciated. Very best, Buffy

  17. Good morning, Buffy. I was so excited to here you speak here in NJ once. You are wonderful and creative and foward thinking. Cleveland is SO lucky to get you!

    1. Good evening to you! Oh, that was such a fun trip to NJ, and it was such a joy to be part of NJSASL! I sincerely appreciate your vote of confidence—it is truly humbling, and I’m looking forward to this new adventure in Cleveland. I am extremely proud to be joining Team CPL! Best, Buffy

    1. Hi! It truly is a dream job in so many ways, and I feel incredibly blessed to have this amazing opportunity. I will do my very best to honor this opportunity—I really appreciate the good wishes and hope that my passion and efforts will continue to be a positive force! Very best, Buffy

  18. Congratulations and welcome to Cleveland! I work for Northcoast Council here in Cleveland, part of the INFOhio family, so I am sure that our paths will cross very soon now! And, yes, Cleveland knows how very lucky we will be to have you here!
    All the Best!

  19. CPL and Cleveland in general is so very lucky to have someone with your energy and ideas join our community. As a fellow school librarian in Cleveland Heights Ohio, I look forward to a strengthened partnership with the awesome institution of the Cleveland Public Library.

    1. Hi Kathy! I so appreciate your vote of confidence, and I feel equally lucky to be joining such an innovative library and to have the chance to become part of the Cleveland community as well as the well respected Ohio tradition of libraries! I am looking forward to strengthening our partnerships and hopefully helping conceptualize new models and strategies for combining our ideas and talents! I hope that I will get to see you in person once I get to Cleveland! Thank you again for the wonderful thoughts, Buffy 🙂

  20. Cleveland is very lucky to get you! I really enjoyed your workshop at ALAO, and was glad to finally meet you. Best of luck! I hope you like snow 😉

    1. Hi Suzanne! I so appreciate your participation in the workshop at ALAO—that day was so much fun, and what an awesome group we had! I feel lucky to have been there and to meet all of you–such a day of good energy and constructive thought! Thank you for the good thoughts, and I’m going to learn to appreciate snow! 🙂 Very best, Buffy

  21. Welcome to Cleveland! You will meet many fans and find northeast Ohio to be a great town – lots of fun things to do, even in the winter 🙂 I currently work for the Orange City Schools (eastern suburb of Cleveland) and have been a fan of yours for years (I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with CPL and CCPL, and many other networks (INFOhio, OPLIN, OhioLINK, NEORLS) – you’ll learn that there are lots of acronyms and groups. Ohio is a great place to be for libraries and librarianship. If you end up on the east side of town, please be in touch. I’d be more than happy to be a tour guide 🙂

    1. Hi Joanna! Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I’m so delighted to be coming to Ohio, a state that has such a rich and robust tradition of strong libraries and librarians. I am starting to learn about all the organizations and thrilled to already be connecting with many of them! I am very humbled by your kind words, and once I get settled in, I would love to meet up and chat in person. Please shoot me an email in January, and I will take you up on the tour, plus I’d love the chance to just talk and share ideas. Thank you again! Best, Buffy

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much—I am just elated! I am truly honored my blog has been so helpful for you, and I’m looking forward to sharing the next leg of the journey with all of you. Thank you for the kind wishes and best to you as well! Buffy

  22. Ms. Hamilton,
    Congratulaltions on your new position! I have followed your blog for two years now and have benefitted from your expertise and innovative ideas. I am a middle school librarian in North Carolina and have always found you to be on the cutting edge in regards to school librarianship. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if you know how much you have helped? I will continue to follow your blog and wish you much success in Cleveland. Hope you have a good winter coat!!!
    Paula Vagnoni
    East Alexander Middle School
    Hiddenite, NC

    1. Paula: Your kind note absolutely brought me to tears—-it is beyond humbling to know that the work I’ve done and shared, along with my reflections, have been inspiring to you. I really appreciate your taking time to share those thoughts, and please know I will continue to be thinking, doing, and reflecting across areas of librarianship. Thank you for the good wishes, and yes, I am the proud new owner of a Lands End parka that is waterproof and windproof to negative 35 with a big hood and fully lined! 🙂 Very best and with gratitude, Buffy

  23. Wow! I’m terribly sad for the school library side of things. You have been central to the readings (and viewings) of my students as a role model for developing the kind of vision that school librarians have to have in order to thrive in today’s educational environment. I know you will keep writing but it will inevitably be different when you are not in the same trenches as the school librarian. I’m so pleased for you and know you have many more adventures ahead.You have inspired many of us.

    1. Floyd, it is truly an honor to know I’ve been a positive influence on your students. While I won’t be at ground zero of school libraries after December, please know it continues to be a great love and passion, and I hope that the new work I’ll be doing will yield insights that will inform our practice in whatever area of librarianship we may be. Thank you for your friendship—I remember first meeting you at AASL 2009, and you have always been such a great fountain of support. Know I will still be very active in school librarianship! Very best, Buffy

  24. Welcome! We are so pleased that you are coming to Cleveland. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this up-and-coming city. I work for the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools, a first ring suburb of Cleveland. I look forward to running into you. I frequently look to your blog for ideas and inspiration!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I am really eager to get immersed in the city of Cleveland and proud to be coming there! I would definitely love to meet up in person and share ideas/brainstorm/collaborate. I genuinely appreciate your kind words of support and encouragement—once the dust settles, please email me, and let’s meet up! Very best, Buffy

  25. Congratulations, Buffy! i have been following you only less than a year when a colleague from a workshop mentioned your name. very worthy recommendation! and i really value your insights in your blogs! am so relieved to know you will continue this – of course the school library side will be lessened, understandably.
    truly, your new post sounds exciting and challenging! you will definitely be an added blessing to your new community!
    cheering you on,

    1. Hi Agnes! So honored by your gracious post and truly honored I’ve been able to inspire you! Thank you so much for the wonderful words of confidence as I begin this new endeavor, and I think this blog will be full of new ideas, wonderings, and thinking in the next 24 months! Cheering you right back! 🙂 Best, Buffy

  26. Hi, Buffy! Congratulations on your new position! I have followed you for years, gone to your presentations and learned so much from you! (LibGuides rocks!) I truly appreciate your generosity and your sharing your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, as they have helped so many of us. You’ve helped me become bolder in speaking out for what I know is best for kids, and have shown me many more ways to grow & learn.
    I wish you all the best – I’ll keep following! 🙂 Looking for tips & ideas for more school/public/academic library partnerships! 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy! Thank you so much for the kinds words of congratulations! I am deeply honored I’ve been part of your learning and that anything I’ve done or shared has helped you grow, learn, and become bolder—that is awesome! Thank you for the good wishes, and I have a feeling many ideas will be incubating here in this space! Best, Buffy

  27. Don’t we all want to guide centres of participatory and collaborative learning! Learning strategist sounds like an amazing 22nd Century job. I look forward to reading how it all unfolds.

    1. Hi Deborah! Oh my goodness, yes! I am still pinching myself that I will get the chance to take on this job and see where we can go with it! Thank you for the kind words, and I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you. Very best, Buffy

  28. We are so happy to have you in Northeast Ohio! I am a teacher-librarian 25 miles south of Cleveland and look forward to your contributions to our area.

    1. Hi Michele! Thank you so much for your wonderfully welcoming note! I hope we will have the chance to meet in person and am thankful for this new opportunity to strengthen existing partnerships and build new ones—the chance to really facilitate multiple kinds of learning communities is truly exciting! Very best, Buffy

  29. Welcome to CPL! I’m glad to see we’ll have a dedicated liaison with the schools now. I live on the east side of the city and would be happy to show you my neighborhood and RTA (local public transit–trains and buses) since I ride RTA every day.

    1. Hi Heidi! Thanks so much for the terrific welcome! Once I get settled in, I’d love to meet up and get to know you and your neighborhood! I really appreciate the invite and look forward to connecting! Very best, Buffy

  30. Since I started my masters in teacher-librarianship and landed my first high school library gig on this September, I’ve been closely following all things Unquiet Library. Needless to say, I was a trifle concerned this morning to discover you are leaving Creekview! Gak! What will happen to my go-to blog!? I was very relieved to read that you will be maintaining your blog and that part of your new job will be to liaise with the school system! Good luck with your new adventure & thanks for all the leadership you’ve shown in our field.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! I have a feeling the next couple of years are going to be akin to my being in an idea incubator and will yield many opportunities for me to expand my thinking that I’ll share on the blog and that will hopefully contribute to the growth of our profession. I feel so very lucky to be joining the Cleveland Public Library and looking forward to learning from and with my colleagues as well as the people of the city of Cleveland! Thank you again for the awesome support—your note has made my day! 🙂 Very best, Buffy

  31. Welcome to Cleveland Public Library. We are so lucky to have you with us. I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I can’t wait to meet you.

  32. Welcome to Cleveland Public Library and to Cleveland itself. Our city is amazing: incredible food, hundreds of art galleries and excellent independent theaters, concert halls galore, Lake Erie, The Cleveland Browns (Yes! They have a new owner! We will be going to the Superbowl by 2020, I predict), four glorious seasons and the valley (Metroparks) in which to enjoy them, really cool neighborhoods and, of course, some of the best libraries in the nation. Hope you will love it here. See you in January.

    1. Hi Angela! It is so awesome to connect with you, and I feel lucky that I’ll be calling myself a resident and citizen of the city of Cleveland very soon! I’m looking forward not only to immersing myself in my new job and the awesome work of the Cleveland Public Library but also the culture and attractions of Cleveland. You are an awesome ambassador for Cleveland and have only added to my excitement! I’m so looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks—thank you for taking time for the most excellent welcome and helping me feel at home before I even arrive! Very best, Buffy

  33. I feel like we won the lottery with you moving to our town. As a high school librarian in Ohio City (on the near west side of Cleveland), I have learned much from you and have implemented many of your research ideas with our students. I am beyond thrilled that you will be here collaborating and working with us in our school communities. Christmas came early. When you are settled in, please let me know – and if you need anything, give us a call at Saint Ignatius – we’d be happy to help. Welcome to Cleveland!

    1. Hi Milena! I am honored and humbled by your gracious and warm welcome! I actually got to visit Ohio City while I was in Cleveland in September! I would love to meet you in person once I get settled in, and I definitely would love to collaborate. I am very proud to be joining Team CPL and becoming a citizen of the city of Cleveland—thank you for the beautiful and moving welcome–it means more than words can say, truly. Very best, Buffy

  34. Congratulations and best wishes on your new position! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to apply the principles of embedded librarianship in the public library context. I’m looking forward to reading about your experiences and insights.

    1. Hi David! So great to hear from you, and I appreciate the kind thoughts and wishes! I’m definitely interested in exploring the possibilities for embedded librarianship in this new space. Thank you for the encouragement and the wisdom you share so generously with all of us—I am looking forward to continuing to share and learn with you! Very best, Buffy

    1. Hi Gwyneth! Thank you so much for the warm wishes, and I’m truly excited about this opportunity to contribute to the community of Cleveland while growing and learning as both a librarian and individual. I feel lucky to be joining such a progressive and visionary library! Best, Buffy

  35. Dear Buffy,
    You don’t know me but I have been a school librarian for over 18 years, mostly working in a private school. Just recently, I became the school board librarian for the Eastern Townships school board. One of the library technicians referred me to your blog and I subscribed to it. I’ve really enjoyed reading about maker spaces, but I think one of the keys to what you’ve done is the title of your blog (I’m a loud librarian – my students told me that I was the loudest one in the library!) Most of the librarians in other school boards that I’ve met in my new job have been keen to mentor me and to share with me what they know. At a distance, you’ve done the same.

    It’s vital that we all are unquiet, and that we advocate for school and public libraries and for our profession, which is so widely misunderstood. I know that you will continue to do just that and I wish you the very best.

    Ellen Goldfinch
    Eastern Townships School Board
    Quebec, Canada

    1. Ellen: it’s wonderful to connect with another librarian who is passionate and so willing to contribute to our profession! I’m proud to be shoulder to shoulder with colleagues like you who are working hard to innovate and to libraries be forces of positive energy that are enhancing and elevating our learning communities, wherever we may be. Thank you for the lovely and kind wishes, and it’s a pleasure to “meet” you! Very best, Buffy

  36. Congratulations, Buffy! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since my first days as a school librarian, and I wish you luck in this next step of your career. –Mirele Davis

  37. WooHoo! Welcome to Ohio! I have been following your blog for a couple of years and have gleaned am amazing amount of knowledge and insight from your forward thinking and action! Good luck in your new position! Blessings!!!

  38. Congratulations, Buffy! I am thrilled about (and a little envious of) your new position. It sounds perfect. More public libraries need to follow this role to try to bridge the divide between different types of libraries. You will bring so much experience to the public library and will no doubt continue to be a strong advocate for school libraries in your new city and state. Your unique perspectives and amazing energy will continue to be an inspiration to us all! I look forward to continuing to learn with and from you as you begin this new chapter in your professional life!
    Take care,

    1. Joanne–wow—thank you SO much. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity, and your vote of confidence means more than you’ll ever know. I think I’m going to learn so much from my new colleagues at CPL and in Ohio as well as the people of the city of Cleveland. Thank you for being my friend and colleague on this journey! Very best, Buffy

  39. Welcome to LIBRARY heaven, , a.k.a. Cleveland, Ohio. It’s all about connecting with and engaging with our public, and with each other for their good. (It’s fun, too.)
    And THE ANGELS of library service here will delight in welcoming such a gifted colleague.
    Make yourself at home.

    1. Wow—now I KNOW I’m coming to the right place, Marie! Your note has completely made my day! I feel lucky to be coming to a state that is like a garden for awesome libraries! Thank you for the exceptional welcome, and I hope we will have the chance to meet up in person! Best, Buffy

    1. Hi Elisabeth! Thank you so much for the wonderful note—I appreciate your taking time to share those supportive thoughts, and I’m truly excited to be joining the innovative team at CPL! And yes, who knows what lip glosses I may discover in Ohio! 🙂 Best, Buffy

  40. Buffy,
    Welcome to Ohio. I live in the southern part of the state. You are brave to arrive in Cleveland in January. Think “lake effect snow” 🙂
    Best of luck as you evolve professionally and personally.

    1. Hi Julie! Oh yes, I am sure I am going to be schooled through first hand experience on lake effect snow VERY SOON! I’m hoping to feel a little braver now that I’m starting to stock up on apparel and items one needs to weather such cold temps and wind. 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely welcome, and I hope our professional paths will cross in the next year through our work as librarians in Ohio! Best, Buffy

      1. I believe that AASL has its conference in Columbus in 2015, so I’m sure our paths will cross then, if not before.

    1. Hello BJ! You have been such a constant and supportive fountain of encouragement over the years. I cannot thank you enough for all the times you’ve shared a kind word, and I am looking forward to friends like you being part of my journey. Thank you for the lovely wishes! 🙂 Very best, Buffy

  41. Dear Buffy, As a fellow librarian (and fellow Clevelander), I wish you much success!! I am honored/excited for your future with CPL. Sounds like a great adventure for everyone!! Im not sure I would be much help, but if you ever need help navigating the ohio waters, feel free to message me:

    1. Hi Shannon! Wow, thank you for the gracious welcome, and I’m truly honored to be joining the wonderful team at Cleveland Public Library and the community of Cleveland! People like you who have reached out to make me feel welcome and offered help have just truly overwhelmed in the best way with your kindness—I so genuinely appreciate that! Very best, Buffy

  42. Looking forward to having you in Cleveland! I am the director of the Campus District – a non-profit community development organization that serves the neighborhoods around Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College and the Central branch of the Cleveland Public Library. I would love to meet with you after you get settled in. I’ll call you.

    1. Hi Bobbi! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Your role as director of the Campus District and work sound very exciting—I would love to meet up once I get settled in! I appreciate your connecting with me, and I cannot wait to talk in person! Best, Buffy

  43. I am just reading this now. Buffy – Thank you for so much inspiration through the years! Your journey continues and I am looking forward to sharing it with you through your wonderful writing – Cleveland is very lucky! Your new job title is PERFECT and I can’t wait to read about this next chapter.

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so very much for those wonderful words of encouragement, support, and good cheer! I am humbled to have such an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in this kind of work and role. I am looking forward to sharing this next chapter of my professional life via the blog—thank you again! Best, Buffy

  44. Buffy,

    Congratulations on your new position, I know I asked on Twitter where you were going then I came here and found out. What a wonderful opportunity in such a great Library. They are lucky to have you. I know everyone is concerned about you keeping warm, make sure your four legged children have coats too! I’m in NJ and we have the same type of winters. Best of luck and I’ll still follow you on Twitter to see how things are going for you.


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