PollDaddy is a fabulous tool to do fast assessments as to which resources students find most helpful in a research pathfinder.  We have been engaged in a two week research project with our 10th graders (more to come on that this weekend!), but here is how they voted as to which sources they found to be most helpful and informative for their current and controversial events research:

As you can see, our Gale Opposing Viewpoints database (thank you, Cherokee County School District for providing this for the high schools!), was the clear winner; the print books (we are blessed to have roughly 300 of the “Opposing Viewpoints” style books [which include similar imprints from other publishers, including several with a 2008 and 2009 copyright date!]) were second.

This data is helpful in two ways:

1.  I can provide this kind of data to justify the expense of our GALE Opposing Viewpoints subscription database.
2.  This data shows that our investment in the print books on controversial and current topic is justified.

If you have not tried PollDaddy, consider using it with your students to get their feedback on the resources you incorporate into your pathfinders you create for research projects!