Today Roxanne and I unboxed our five new Kindles (more are coming) and began the process of setting them up for circulation.  We also took a couple of hours to finalize our thinking on the procedures and protocols for cataloging the Kindle readers as well as the Kindle ebooks.  You can access the documents below by downloading them from SlideShare, or you can get them from our new Kindle LibGuides page.


I also have created a little “update” video post; we’ll be trying to create more of these as to chronicle our journey and process of piloting our Kindle program at The Unquiet Library.

Two things we discovered today that we did not know:

  • You can charge the Kindles through your computer (it has a power supply/USB cable similar to iPhone/iPod).
  • The instruction manual does not indicate how long it takes to charge the new Kindles; it would be helpful for Amazon to include this information.

Our next step is registering and cataloging the devices this week; we’ll also be purchasing our Kindle eBooks and cataloging those as well as loading them onto the Kindles.  Please stay tuned for more updates!