If you are familiar with my work and philosophy of librarianship, then you will understand how this wonderful speech so speaks to me.  I encourage you to take time to watch the video of this informative and inspiring talk by the one and only Howard Rheingold.

I especially enjoyed the section (right around the 38 minute mark)  of his keynote in which he outlines what he considers to be the five key literacies:

  1. attention literacy (fundamental)
  2. participation literacy
  3. cooperation and collaboration
  4. critical consumption (Crap detection)
  5. network awareness

According to Rheingold, these literacies work together and are connected, not separate.  Our focus should be keeping up with these literacies and to not get distracted by the technologies.  The power has shifted from the hardware, software, services  to the “know how” around these things.