AASL 2011 Learning Commons – home via kwout

The Learning Commons

The AASL Learning Commons 2011 (formerly the Bloggers’ Café in Charlotte 2009) will be a space for starting, continuing, and sharing conversations for learning.   Whether you are attending in person or participating from afar, everyone is invited to connect and contribute to these conversations for learning about a diverse range of topics and issues in librarianship.  The Learning Commons is a physical and virtual space not only to share and celebrate your passions but also for discovering new ones.

What can you do at the Learning Commons?

  • Host a discussion on any topic of choice related to librarianship
  • Create and host a “Birds of Feather” session
  • Present a “best practice” for related to one or more of our roles as teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, program administrator, or leader
  • Teach a skill
  • Learn a skill
  • Expand on your Exploratorium poster
  • Expand on your concurrent session
  • Invent a new type of unsession
  • Host a gadget petting zoo
  • Unplug and host a roundtable or panel discussion on a hot or controversial topic
  • Present or co-present with virtual friends via Skype

Join our Learning Commons wiki, , the space where you can sign up to present or facilitate a face to face, virtual, or hybrid session; presenters will also be creating pages and sharing resources for their presentation.  We encourage you to present or facilitate a discussion on any topic related to librarianship whether it be a traditional area of librarianship, such as storytelling, or a contemporary focus, such as gaming.  With presenter permission, we’ll be streaming as many of these sessions as possible.

The Learning Commons will be located in the lower level mezzanine; take the escalator down from the main registration area to access the Learning Commons. Signage will be provided to direct as you to the Learning Commons. See you in Minneapolis!